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Monday, July 23, 2012

Arnica & the benefits you can reap from it

Anyone that knows me well has been witness to my utter lack of grace and knows that I can injure myself easily without even trying. This morning was no different! Don't worry, my 'accidents' are usually minor and don't require any major treatments. Most of my remedies are homeopathic and require little to no energy to apply. Today after my arm made contact with Waffles' (my 95 pound 'baby') teeth and immediately turned purple, I reached for the Arnica. If you've never used Arnica, it's pretty amazing stuff. It's a natural anti-imflammatory and can treat various ailments. It definitely shortens the healing time for bruises. I'm almost an hour into my application of it this morning and my arm already looks better! Here's a little more information on this wonderful herb from Cathy Wong at

Arnica (or Arnica montana) is a perennial herb often used to prepare homeopathic remedies. Arnica's flowers and roots are also used in herbal medicine, typically in remedies applied directly to the skin.

What Is Arnica Gel?

One of the most common uses of arnica is the treatment of wounds, bruises, sunburn, and other forms of skin irritation or inflammation. In these cases, an arnica-based gel, cream, ointment, or salve is topically applied to promote healing and soothing of the skin. Arnica gel is also touted as a means of relieving muscle soreness and sprain-related pain.

Other Uses of Arnica

In homeopathic medicine, arnica is used in treatment of these and other conditions:
  • arthritis
  • backache
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • eczema
  • fibromyalgia
  • influenza
  • headache
  • hemorrhoids
  • migraine
  • Benefits of Arnica

    Several studies have found arnica to be no more effective than a placebo in relieving pain, swelling, and bruising. Still, other research suggests that arnica may be useful in treating the following health problems:
    1) Arthritis
    In a 2002 study of 79 adults with mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee, researchers observed a significant decrease in pain and stiffness (as well as an improvement in function) among those who used arnica gel twice daily for six weeks.
    Another study, published in 2007 and involving 204 people with osteoarthritis of the hand, showed that arnica gel lessened pain and improved hand function as effectively as ibuprofen.
    2) Post-Surgery Swelling
    Taking a homeopathic dilution of arnica may slightly reduce postoperative swelling, according to a 2006 study of 227 adults undergoing arthroscopy.
    3) Post-Surgery Pain
    In a 2007 study of 190 adults having their tonsils removed, scientists discovered that those taking a homeopathic dilution of arnica had a small but significant decrease in pain compared to patients assigned to a placebo.
    A 2002 study of 37 people undergoing surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome found that taking a homeopathic dilution of arnica and applying arnica ointment also produced a significant decrease in post-surgery pain.
    4) Muscle Soreness
    Taking a homeopathic dilution of arnica may help ease muscle soreness, according to a 2003 study of 82 marathon runners. However, an earlier study of 519 runners found that homeopathic arnica was ineffective for muscle soreness following long-distance running.

    Is Arnica Safe?

    Arnica should not be taken internally, except in the form of a homeopathic dilution. While arnica can be toxic when ingested, homeopathic arnica contains too small an amount of the herb to cause adverse effects.
    In some cases, topical use of arnica can cause skin irritation, itching, blisters, and other allergy-related problems. Be careful not to use arnica on broken skin.

    Where to Find Arnica

    Homeopathic arnica -- as well as arnica gels, ointments, and creams -- can be purchased at most health food stores or obtained directly from a homeopathic physician.


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